Week 13 – Friday – You Have Correct Perspective

Go read Philippians 3:20-21
<> What does it mean to you for your citizenship to be in heaven?
<> What does it look like in your life to eagerly wait for your Savior?

Perspective Driven Life
I have often heard the phrase, “ __________ is so heavenly-minded that they’re no earthly good.” That’s dumb. Having your mind set on heaven and Jesus puts things into a perspective that helps us live out a lot of practical earthly good.

Eternal mindset does the following (not an exhaustive list):
- gives you urgency to join Christ in the ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:17-21)
- gives you patience when things hear aren’t going so well (Colossians 1:10-12)
- kills a complaining attitude by showing you the comparative goal (Philippians 2:14)
- creates trust that God is in control and we are not. (Romans 15:13)

<> Do you struggle with urgency in terms of being a missionary, patience in hard times, or complaining?
<> Is it because you don’t have a correct perspective on life?

Go read James 4:13-15
<> What changes if all the events of your life are just small droplets of a vapor in the scope of eternity?

Go read 2 Corinthians 4:16-5:9
<> If we are groaning here and hoping to be with him, what is the conclusion of Ch. 5:9?

Restrained Power
Reread Philippians 4:21.
<> How much power does Christ have?

I think it is very easy to forget about the depth of the power that Christ wields. The truth of the matter is that at any moment He has the power to bring all things under His control. And He will someday. I don’t know why He waits. Except that He desires for more to come into the family. When you understand that someday God will restore all things – He will bring everything under His control visibly and tangibly – doubt and fear start to erode as valid concerns. He is powerful enough to deal with our problems. He is mighty to save. His arms are long enough to hold us – and to reach the lost – no matter how far we go.